Hi, I'm Ilze Be!

I help leaders and managers
to create and implement change 
by sharing my stories about
how I started from scratch
multiple times.

Female entrepreneur & Latvian born American public speaker

My Journey in a Nutshell

I was born in the occupied Latvia. I hated the soviet system so I developed a secret plan for how to flee. When I had that opportunity, I didn't take it because I was in love with someone in Latvia. I stayed and married, and saw my country to regain its freedom. Sadly, the chaos in the country with changing value systems negatively affected my 1st marriage.

Due to divorce and poorly regulated justice system, I was in financial difficulties. Yet, I figured out how to support myself and my child. I built an entertainment business. 

My success was attractive, and I received a marriage proposal. I accepted it and quit my business. (I felt guilty for working at nights.) That was a mistake though as I found myself under money control and abuse. Although it was hard, I kept quiet, got my MBA and built a translation business. When I started becoming successful, the abuse became physical. That was the end of my 2nd marriage.

I moved to North Carolina due to my 3rd marriage. I like the healing sunshine of this southern state and warmth of North Carolinians. 

I still have problems like everyone else does, but now I have valuable experience and strength that I share in my stories to to help others grow and thrive. 

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