The 3 Latvians that met in New York City were:

  • My student Ina,
  • Her cousin Ieva from Latvia
  • Myself.

My student Ina invited her cousin Ieva to New York City to have some fun and quality time. Since she had a place big enough for 4 people at the Hilton Midtown hotel, she asked me if I wanted to join them. I agreed, and it turned out to be a wonderful adventure for the three of us. It all happened last week. In the video that I’ve embedded here, I am showing the highlights of our time together as well as teaching some Latvian words and sentences to those who are learning Latvian.

This time, I actually included the vocabulary within the post.


Tur ir spogulis. That’s a mirror over there.
Spogulī es redzu sevi. I see myself in the mirror.
Tas ir krāns. That is a tap.
Blakus krānam ir ziepju trauks. Next to the tap, there is a soap dish.
Ziepju traukā ir ziepes. In the soap dish, there is soap.
Pa kreisi no manis ir dušas kabīne. On my left, there is a shower cabin.
Mazliet tālāk ir vanna. A little further down, here is a bathtub.
Bet tieši pretī ir tualetes pods. But right in front of me, there is a toilet bowl.
Skaties, kas notiek! Sezam atveries! Look, what’s happening! Open Sesame!
Šis ir moderns tualetes pods. Šis ir tualetes pods ar pulti. This is a modern toilet bowl. This is a toilet bowl with a remote control.
Šī ir pults. This is a remote control.



Kur tad laidīs? Dejot? Dancot? Where to? Dance? Dance?
–          Kas tas tāds?

–          Kur?

–          What’s that?

–          Where?


–          Kāds bija šis vakars?

–          Skaists.

–          Brīnišķīgs piedzīvojums. Kaut kas vispār, ko nekad dzīvē… Kaut kas, ko tu pirmo reizi atkal dari.


–          What was this evening like?

–          Beautiful.

–          Amazing adventure. Something I’ve never in my life… There were things I did for the first time. (Not a literal translation.)


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The link to the vocabulary file is here, and the video is here.


Ilze Be is a Latvian born American public speaker and entrepreneur. She speaks about culture, race, and money. Her firs 20+ career years were spent in the translation industry. After moving to the US, she created digital courses for learners of Latvian.

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