A Reply to Mellody

        Slavery is the tragic history of our country. Yet, only recently, people of color have started to open up more and talk about how they feel in their skin.

        And while these conversations are necessary for us to understand each other better, we should be careful before we make any judgments or implement initiatives.

        Often, what is rendered as a racial matter is actually a cultural matter. In our multicultural society, there are representatives of white peoples that have been abused, humiliated and eradicated mercilessly for centuries.

        Warnings to beware of those who look like people who caused pain and suffering are carried over through generations. That is how stereotypes occur. 

        Leaders and managers are encouraged to rethink their hiring policies. Race is just the color of skin. It doesn't necessarily mean people of the same race represent the same culture.  

        What matters is value systems.  If we want to coach people to learn a certain culture, we need to also notice their value system. Investing time in people and conversations means investing in your organizational future.

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