My Values. My Identity. My Role Models.

My Three Core Values

Although I have 2 divorces in my baggage, Family is one of my core values. Health is indisputably my core value too. I openly admit that money is my third value because healthy cash flow means there's flow of life energy. I practice thinking abundance.

Yet, when we forget about health and focus on making money, our body lets us know. That affects not only how we feel physically, but our relationships with people and money as well.  So, be careful.

As a coach and trainer, I work with leaders and managers helping them to overcome their insecurities and raise to the next level. I passionately stand against ageism.

My roots are grounded in Latvian culture while my branches grow in American culture which I'm still learning. Yet, I've also always been curious about other cultures that teach us life wisdom.

The Women Who Inspire Me

As long as I remember myself, I have been thinking about how I want to be when I am old. I saw my great grandma aging and suffering, and I know I want my last chapter of life be different. 

I look for wisdom I can learn from in every person and situation. 

Since I want to age beautifully, the 77-year-old ballet dancer and teacher Madame Suzelle Poole is one of the most inspiring women for me.

The best selling author and public speaker Gabby Bernstein inspires me too, yet differently. What resonates with me the most is her Choose Again method. That's truly soothing awareness.

As a B-Schooler, I am also inspired by its creator Marie Forleo. Marie says that Everything is Figuroutable. Isn't that a powerful message?

Most of my family stayed in Latvia.
Here, in the US, I have found
people who welcome me
in their family.

Together, we pray, grow
and support each other.

My tweetable:

"Since there's no point in howling at the moon, enjoy talking to those who can
talk back to you."

Tony Robbins:

"When we give back to other people and our community, it reminds us what we are made for, and we become part of something that is bigger than ourselves."

Here's my resume in a nutshell:

Most Recent Career:

Informative, Motivational & Humorous Speeches. 

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Sounds & Writing (listening and dictations)

Latvian 4 English Speakers (elementary to intermediate grammar), 

Colors, Numbers & Family Members (vocabulary and introductory grammar)



Translations    &    Virtual Assistants


Talent Agency    &    Show Production

Formal Education

Stockholm School of Economics (Aug. 2003 - May 2005)

Degree:         Executive MBA. Specialization: EU Law for Business. 

University of Latvia (Aug. 1988 - June 1993)

Degree:     Bachelor of Arts.         Major:    English Language and Literature. 

I carry Latvia in my heart

On our way to Latvia

Some of my Latvian family

A part of my family

Winter plunge in the Baltic Sea

My first grandchild Olivers