Purposeful Life on the Eve of Your Death

Can you say that you have a meaningful life? If you are not 100% positive, watch my video. It may help you to shift your thinking and create change. Why? Because we, humans, are more prone to action upon urgency.

Watch it also if you’re simply curious to hear what I have to say. Then, comment below. I’d like to hear what you think about this.

I Saw My Own Funeral


In this video, I am sharing what thoughts I had after I was guided through the visualization of my funeral.

Change is Uncomfortable, but Useful

I am very much about change. It’s not that I like it. Everyone likes where it’s cozy and comfortable. Change is uncomfortable. I can promise you that. Yet, it’s manageable. More than that – change is necessary to create purposeful life.

I’ve been through big changes multiple times: in business, financially and in personal life. There were moments it felt it was the end of it. Yet, after I had gone through and gotten to the other side, I had gained considerable “muscle mass”.

If you are on the eve of a big change or at least willing to talk to someone, I am open to listening. I am a speaker and I’ve been a coach and a mentor for many years for the teams and officers in my business in Latvia. My translation company DODAM was founded in 2006. We have gone through several changes and survived through difficult times, including my moving to the US. According to Small Business Association, only 34% of small businesses survive till their 10th anniversary.

I am bringing my expertise and skills to American leaders and managers and I focus on creating and managing change successfully. I invite you to read my post about the difference between teaching, coaching and mentoring.

If this resonated with you, you are welcome to reach out. Please fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can:

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Ilze Be is a Latvian born American public speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She speaks about culture, race, inclusion, and money, and she inspires to create change. Her first 20+ years of career were spent in the translation industry. After moving to the US, she created digital courses for learners of Latvian.

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