List of Workshops for Teams of Leaders & Managers

I speak about culture, race and money, so you'll get that in all packages. What differs is where the focus will be on. I'll adjust the pace of the workshops to the pace of the group as well as whether it is more a left or right side of the brain type of a group. Buy a package of 4 or 10 workshops for your group, organization or club and save. 


Culture is more than people typically understand when they hear the word. I have studied the phenomenon of culture for many years. My favorite definition of culture is that it is the common way for a group of people to solve their problems.


This is a package, the focus is how to handle conversations about race that many leaders dread regardless whether they are white, black, brown, red or yellow. Leaders will get new ideas how to approach this both with compassion and playfully. 


In this package, the emphasis will be on communication leaders may face about money.  The goal is to find a good balance when talking about money and numbers vs. money and beliefs. Limiting beliefs about money may come up during these workshops.

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