Our Pets Know Our Secrets.

Have you ever thought about that? Imagine, if one day they started to talk! Wouldn’t that be funny?

In this video, you’ll see a fragment of the speech I dedicated to my dog Sāra who passed away in 2016. She changed me as a person. Because of her, I am a better human now. Therefore, I am grateful for having had her in my life. I am also grateful for those joyful and funny moments that we experienced together.

To see more fragments of my speeches, please visit the page My Speeches. 



Ilze Be is a Latvian born American public speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She speaks about culture, race, inclusion, and money, and she inspires to create change. Her first 20+ years of career were spent in the translation industry. After moving to the US, she created digital courses for learners of Latvian.

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